Takers Demo

by Bitter Thoughts

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released December 19, 2011

Recorded by Nick Nativo at the Nook Recording Studio



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Bitter Thoughts Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Track Name: Takers
frozen souls and bitter minds.
Faith rewards wealth to the well behaved.
blind to the fact your a fucking slave.
All these people want is to take from you,
Mistake your kindness for weakness, sad but true.
They wanna take from you.
they wanna take whats yours.
Takers only gonna take.
Givers only gonna give.
All givers gonna die.
All takers gonna live.
enough's enough,
i know that times are tough. real tough.
the last thing you need is another fucking mouth to feed.
takers gonna live,
Givers gonna die,
giver gives too much,
taker sucks em dry.
enough's enough,
i know that times are tough. too tough.
where will they be when it's you who's the one in need?
Moral compass ablaze,
Conscience lost in a haze,
Navigator's dead, left to find our own way.
Can't keep these demons at bay.
Caring hearts, so hard to find.
Track Name: Temporary
time takes all you have,
ripped from your hands, burned into ash.
No matter how much you pray,
you won't get it back, life is a one way track.
A game you're supposed to lose.
Everything dies, you don't get to choose.
yet you'll be the one to pick up the pieces,
live just to gain, but left to decease.
Temporary life,
will freeze your soul.
broken by the strife,
then devoured whole.
This life will trick you,
things you actually have, end up so few.
think its fucking sick that we only get a taste of happiness.
then have it taken away.
its right here.
its right here.
its right here.
happiness retreats,
whenever i draw near.
whenever i draw near.