Be True To You

by Bitter Thoughts

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released July 1, 2013

Recorded by Pimp Master Nick at The Nook



all rights reserved


Bitter Thoughts Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Track Name: Be True To You
Base your opinions off of everyone else.
Try to act the part youre only fooling yourself.
Threw out the values that make you, you.
Let the crowd change your view cause it would make you cool.
Be true to you.
Youre separate from the crowd, so dont you confuse it.
You got your own thoughts, your own brain so fucking use it.
Dont worry what others think. Dont worry what others do.
Be true to you.
You wouldnt stand behind half of the words that you say.
You dont know what you believe, your veiws are twisted and fake.
Too worried what others think. Too worried what others do.
Be true to you.
Be true to you cause you have nothing to prove to a world that doesnt give a fuck about you.
Be who you are, you have nothing to lose.
In the end youre alone so fucking live how you choose.